We are a group dedicated to making good mods. Fell (me) is the leader, and is (hopefully) friendly and nice :3 . If you want to join, join and you can help me and anyone else nice enough to join make mods. If you don't want to make mods, you coud suggest things to put in them, such as features, maps, plots, characters etc. So, please join if you want to help make mods, or help me learn how to make mods, we work with RA3, half life 2, and any other game I have that's moddable. thanks, Fell

I've noticed something... We haven't done anything. At all.

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I think we should change this. We need to make something, anything, to get to know the team, and how willing we all are to acctually work on anything.I propose a small Machinima project, maybe make a map or two for it.
I have no Idea what we'd put in it, but I know we could make one if we put our minds to it.

Then, who knows, we could branch out into making addons and weapons for Garry's Mod, maybe even some day our very own mod... I don't know, what do you guys think?



I am working on a Portal 2 mod based on TAG: The Power of Paint. Does that count?

If you want to help, just check the link below and volunteer:

If you want, it can be a dual-group project.

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