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Ever since I released my Mock-Up Loading Screens for my first Source SDK Project, TAG: Thinking with Paint, the number of visitors to this company's page (Combustable Lemon Studios) has risen dramatically.

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In case you didn't notice, our number of visitors has increased on the dates of June 18th and June 19th. Those also happen to be the same dates on which I had released my Mock-Up Loading Screens for TAG: Thinking with Paint.

Combustible Lemon Studios company

The combined views of those two images as of the time of writing this article adds up to 150. Now add an additional 67 views of my WIP logo on my profile page, and you get 217 total views. I just punched those numbers into my calculator, and it indeed made a happy face. Maybe not on my calculator, but certainly on my own face. I honestly didn't expect even 10 people to take notice of my TAG stuff, much less 100 people.

Calm down, my project isn't actually official yet. I still need to get the approval of my employer. It is also my first project involving Source SDK, so logically it will take a long time to get going, so please don't expect it to be soon.

If you don't know where to get TAG: The Power of Paint, I got a link right here:
Wikipedia Article:

Before you scream anything about Piracy, this game is freeware. It is also only 80 megabytes, so unless your computer is from the 80's your Hard-Drive Capacity isn't in any danger.

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