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Hi everyone, we have a good news and a bad news, but let's talk about the good news first!

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Hi everyone, we have a good news and a bad news, but let's talk about the good news first!

Here it is, we're proud to announce that the V2 of the mod StarGate: Horizon Of the Universe for GTA SA will
be released this week or during the next week. The precise date will depend on my free time!

Now, let's talk about the bad news... We're sorry, but this version I mentionned will be the last one.
Gaï-Senseï and myself don't have enough free time to care about this Mod.
Unfortunately, there's another thing, the version that we will release isn't
totally finished, there are still a lot of bugs that we didn't fix and some bugs were not possible
to fix because GTA SA wasn't designed for so many modifications. But we did our best! :)

So, we decided to release this mod but also to let you modify it as you want, by giving you the access
to the Main.SCM and to all the CLEO Files.

We know that it's a shame to see this mod ending like that,
we do realize that it was a long waiting for you but we also promised
to release the mod and this will happen very soon. Thank you for your patience and also
for all the support that you guys gave us! :D

Thanks again and see you very soon for the release of the mod !



Yeah, its sad to hear...
Anyway, you guys did a lot of work, and it just took a lot of your time
Your mod actually is great!
Do you planning make some GTA IV or V mods in future?

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Onikage56 Author

nope we stop modding after that , maybe we will publish some other stuff but we are not really sure about that.

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these are sad tidings indeed.it is a shame,really,it was a great mod,among the best.bugs and all we,the followers,still loved this mod and i'm sure that we will like it even if it's going down.you've gave us a great deal of hours filled with excitement,fun and most of all,a chance to play our favorite characters,roam around in stargate ships and shoot weapons from the stargate series.
in the name of all those who downloaded the mod,i thank you for creating this and wish you the best of luck and i bow down before you,

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Gaï/Microman Creator

Thanks guys ! :D

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I agree with raul, good job guys :) And thank you for your work :) Good luck for the future


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nice work

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