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This news contains the list of features in the mod for the moment :)

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Hi , guys :)

A lot of things were made since the last news , so we decided to post a complete list of all the V2's features with a little explanation. Because since the mod is based on SG.1 ; SG.A and SG.U , a lot of features were added :


- Milkyway StarGates ( 16 planets )
- Pegasus StarGates ( 4 planets )
- Universe StarGates ( 4 planets )
- Hyperspace ( You can go on all the planets with the Hyperspace , except the planets with a SG.U StarGate ... One planet is only available by Hyperspace : the Icarus Base )
- Transport Rings ( The transport rings feature will be better in the V2 , you can use it to go on the planets and on the ships for example ... )
- Asgard Teleportation ( Available in the Tau'ri ships )
- "Window of Opportunity" Time Machine ( You'll find this famous time machine on P4X-639 )
- Atlantis Interior ( Includes Puddle Jumpers , ZPMs , SGA characters and more )
- Destiny Interior ( Includes Destiny IA , SG.U characters , Bridge + Master code )
- Big ships ( X303 Prometheus ; BC304 Daedalus ; Hat'Ak ; Tel'Tak ; Al'Kesh ; Puddle Jumper will be available with interiors )
- Small ships ( F302 ;Deathglider )
- Jaffas ( with Zat'N'Ktel and Staff Weapons )
- Wraiths ( with Wraith Rifles )
- Geniis ( with Genii Semi-Automatic Machine Guns )
- SG soldiers ( with MP5 or P90 . The Particle Magnum will be available too )
- SG.U DHD/KINO remote ( You'll have the possibility to spawn a KINO or dial a StarGate with this weapon )
- Vortex Animations ( SG.1 ; SGA and SG.U )
- M.A.L.Ps ( Available at the SGC )
- KINOs ( Available only if you have a SG.U DHD )
- SG.1 Team ( Jack O'Neill , Samantha Carter , Teal'C , Daniel Jackson , Georges Hammond )
- Atlantis Team ( John Sheppard , Teyla Emmagan , Carson Beckett , Rodney McKay , Elizabeth Weir , Ronon Dex, Samantha Carter , Richard Woolzey )
- SG.U Team ( Matthew Scott , Ronald Greer , Everett Young , Nicholas Rush , Eli Wallace )
- Asgards
- Ancient Communication Stones ( Between the SGC and the Destiny ... )
- Mini-story on a lot of planets ( We'll try to add a little story on all the planets )
- Planets from SG.1 and SGA ( Planets from the shows will be available , like P4X-639 )
- A different Point of view ( it means that you will have the possibility to be Jack O'Neill , John Sheppard or Carl Johnson )
- Seasons Selection ( You can select during which season you want to play , the team will change )
- Exploration ( We will not tell you all the features of the mod to surprise you X-D )
- Ships creation ( You'll have the possibility to create all the ships you want on San Andreas if you found the plans of the ships on an other planet ... )
- Improved maps (Gaï-Sensei changed/added some models in the SGC and in Abydos , for example ... )
- SGC Fast/Slow Dial ( Because some people said that the dial is too slow , we made 2 types of dial : a Fast one and a Slow one ... The slow one is the one you know , but the fast dial goes 2x faster )
- Easter Eggs !!!! :-P ( As always , we will try to add some Easter Eggs ! Some people didn't find all the Easter Eggs of the V1.5 , so ... X-D )

Don't forget to check the "Images" section to see the progress of the mod ! :) We still have a lot of work to do but we will post some new pictures as soon as we can .
We also have a lot of work so we don't have always the time to post new pictures or videos :/ Just be patient :)
Have a nice end of the year ! :P !


NICE! Keep up the good work!

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Its guna be epic :D

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Gaï/Microman Creator

Lol thanks :P this list will be updated with the time :)

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happy new year

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Onikage56 Author

you too ^^

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Gaï/Microman Creator

Yeah , a happy new year to you too :)

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I this in Version 1.5???

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Gaï/Microman Creator


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in the sgc there are a few steps leading out of the conference room and once you go through it, you can't turn around and go back, tried ducking and stuff but it just can't seem to be done, I suppose spawning a quad and driving through might work but anyway I just figured I'd point that out in case it becomes a problem with other users.

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Gaï/Microman Creator

Yeah , that's a problem with the collision files , you see there's too many models or something like that in this area and some parts of this corridor are buggy ... I tried to fix it during 1 month but it's still impossible , sorry for that !

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Oops! Extinguish me! Maud next year will be? "Hurry! " Maybe by July this year, version 1.9 Put? Cool-it would be "Well, nothing that was unfinished, by.Ato period 2 years ... Ohrenet ... This Large Hadron Collider was built in less time! After the 2012 doomsday promise ... the way but as a version 1.5 release on jumper drones? me something did not work ...Drons!
Excuse me ... English is not very know ...

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