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just a quick welcome to everyone ........ ...........

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Hey All
I thought id welcome all the new comers to this group
Australian Modding Community
So say hi and let us know where your all at and what games u mod or mods u enjoy playing
Im Spinobreaker, at brisbane and i mod Star Wars force of corruption...
So far ive worked on 3 mods, 1st one was back in '05, when i was helping the Stargate modding group work on an english patch for Stargate Empire At War...
Then i moved on to Scifi At War in '09, and thanks to a step up from the Stargate modding group, it went on for two and a half years everything was great, until recently when every battlestar mod was taken off, including SFAW...
Now im moving on to my own story, with my own factions... Its called New Horizons and can be found in the FOC modding list, so let me know what u think...

Anyway thats my story, whats ur stories...


Hi I'm Earthbornseven and I mod the game X3TC (,I am currently working on a much needed Stargate mod for the game but due to some bud luck my entire computer has been reformatted by a virus that AVG didn't detect >:(

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Rickardus Creator

Welcome, I had a look it your mod on Wednesday, It looks brilliant it's a shame to see it go to waste like that. I will be hopefully spreading the word for your Mod, i know there are a lot of stargate fans out there that would love to see your mod when its complete.
If you ever need developers i am well connected in the community, even i am open for a Sound artist position if anybody would have me. i am a uni student as a sound engineer :)

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hello im splat this is my mod( though its a slow project and I dont have alot of experience with modding having worked in only mod teams before this one as a mapper. great to see some other aussies out there modding.

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