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A new demo for Gary - Dark Secrets will be uploaded soon. Read this post to find out why and stuff :)

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Hey guys!

Since this is taking some time, we're going to upload a new demo for Gary :D
The reasons is the following.

1. The old demo is SOOO outdated xD we have learned so much from then, and we have made HUGE changes to it!

2. We have given you release dates but we havent succeeded releasing the mod on any of them, so we want you guys to have something to keep your interest up :) also to apologize ^^

The new demo includes:

1. An opening stage. To explain the story some more.
2. More details.
3. More rooms.
4. More events.
5. More atmosphere
6. Bugfixes.
7. Working checkpoints.

I think that's everything.

Also. We're making a new mod page for the demo so that you can rate it and stuff :) We really want to know what you guys think about it ^^.
And we're making a development group called "Team Seda" :D

So keep a lookout for the new modpage, but remember that it's only for the demo! The full version will be released here :)

Here's the demo page! The demo is being authorized now!


Whew! Thank GOD you atleast sayd something,i started to think it was dead. But do to the amounts of demos;is it really making any progress? Good to hear from you though! :)

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Basheman Author

Of course we're making progress ^^ Take a look at the Progress video :P

We uploaded a new demo just because this is taking much longer than expected, and we wanted to give you guys something while you're waiting ^^

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