This group is for people who notice canononical contradictions within popular sci-fi and fantasy franchises and wish to discuss them in a safe, TROLL FREE, environment.

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Canon Dies With Thunder's Applause
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Your new Empire? Lucas, my allegiance is to true canon, to quality! Only now, you have become what you sought to avoid!

(Based on Obi-Wan's line from Episode III, which I'll bet most NCWS (New Clone Wars Series) fans don't even know)

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Perfect. I went on several sites yesterday warning everyone that inquisitor Barriss is a terrible idea and a disgrace to her character. But they don't care. They think it's awesome and want to Ahsoka to kill her. They don't know nor want to know the true story of Barriss.

Dave Filoni: Because our we need to get Ahsoka out of the show before Episode 3 since Disney is about to cancel the show...we will turn Barriss Offee the great Jedi healer bad, make her frame Ahsoka, and bring her back in Rebels as an inquisitor! But don't worry Ahsoka will kill her!

Filoni Fans: Applause

Padme: So this is how a great character is ruined...with thunderous applause.

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At my wits end. Just a slaughter of the time line, and even worse people love it. They cheer it on in a macabre glee. They dont know nor do they want to know. Everything is gone. done. dead.

Sources that were 100% canon merely 5 years ago are stomped into the mud of non canon by the 2008 Clone Wars Sere's relentless boot. no one cares. Plotholes, continuity errors, poorly written characters, they love them they applaud them. Makes me sick. Makes me loose faith in the franchise and humanity as a whole. gone are the days of good story telling and originality. Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave.

All is lost. Time to Give up. Our cause is a lost one.

I'm not going to delete ARC but I'm done. All I tried to do was warn and educate but you cant teach people that refuse to learn.

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