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Venator Star destoyer vs Providence class carrier (Groups : Alliance to Restore Canon (ARC) : Forum : Heavy Star Cruiser Comparison : Venator Star destoyer vs Providence class carrier) Locked
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Jan 24 2011 Anchor

Venator is owning this on, but come guys tell me about what you think.

Jan 24 2011 Anchor

Well, Wookieepedia says the Providence has more ion weaponry, so going along this it can deactivate the venators shields faster and the compliment, torpedoes and Laser connons can take care of the rest, but there are too many factors to take into account in order to determine which is the victor.

Jan 25 2011 Anchor

Well yeah it's hard to tell. To me they seem about equal in strength. However the fact still remains that the Guarlara owned the Invisible Hand over Coruscant.

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