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TX-130s vs ATT (Groups : Alliance to Restore Canon (ARC) : Forum : Heavy Ground Unit Comparison : TX-130s vs ATT) Locked
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Jan 24 2011, 5:36pm Anchor

Well guys, the forums are up, lets start discussing!

Jan 24 2011, 10:59pm Anchor

AAT all the way, its just an overall better tank. Not to mention it had Incendiary and bunker buster missiles.

Jan 24 2011, 11:05pm Anchor


Well I'm out for tonight...I still think the TX-130s was better with more agility...

Jan 25 2011, 2:08pm Anchor

TX-130 sabertank all the way. It has shields, hight top speed and manoeuvrability, 2 general purpose laser cannons, 1 high power beam cannon and 2 missile launchers. It's definitely the better tank.

Jan 25 2011, 5:24pm Anchor

yeah, but that ATT has 6 fearsome missles chutes, not to mention 4 all purpose lasers and one big ass mass driver...I'm on the republic but things aren't looking good.

Jan 25 2011, 5:49pm Anchor

AAT all the way. The mass driver screws shields over, and for goodness sake, the clone operating the beam cannon is a bigger target than the gunner on an AT-TE in Battlefront.

Jan 25 2011, 6:00pm Anchor

Well but that's only if the gunner is exposed, the turret can be remotely controlled from the inside.

Jan 25 2011, 8:10pm Anchor

True...yet still, mass driver vs shields equals scrap metal with clones inside ;)

Jan 25 2011, 10:13pm Anchor

and it was not always equipped with a beam cannon, even better a beam cannon would not do as much damage to an unshielded target as a mass driver.

Jan 26 2011, 9:38am Anchor

The AAT may have more weapons but you're forgetting that the main advantage to the TX-130s is it's speed and manoeuvrability. The TX-130s can run circles around the AAT. If you played "Clone Wars" game for the Gamecube and Xbox you will know what I mean. A good analogy may be that the AAT is the Tiger tank and the TX-130s is the T-34. The T-34 will close in and out manoeuvre the Tiger and pound away whilst the Tiger is having trouble keeping up.

Jan 26 2011, 3:19pm Anchor

True as that may be, (and I love that game, it came with the original holiday pack Xbox) what good does speed and maneuverability do you if you don't have the guns to take down a heavily armored target. If you remember multiplayer from the same game, one good shot from the mass driver was end-game, while it took a good bit of time with the TX to take down the AAT. What is also forgotten is that the TX is considerably smaller, and couple that with the fact that living organisms are inside, anyone must realize that any weapons with expendable ammunition are going to run out fast. This translates to: AAT has more powerful (and just plain more) guns, along with better armor, and even if it is a snail, what good does being quick do you when you have to come out in the open, then slow down to fire accurately? Either way, I certainly think the AAT has the advantage in this one.

Jan 26 2011, 9:54pm Anchor

Comparing tiger and a T-34 to star wars, I love this. but Captain, what happens when the Tiger is in an open field like Naboo? the Tiger is superior to the T-34 in all ways, armor, cannon, crew (Anyone trusted with a Tiger is an absolute expert.) thus proving in 90% of the situations the AAT wins by Captain's metaphor.

Jan 29 2011, 4:36am Anchor

I'm well aware that the Tiger is superior to the T-34 in terms of armour and firepower, but the fact still stands that the T-34 was much faster and manoeuvrable. If a T-34 was able close in and out flank the Tiger, then it's all over. The same could be said for the TX-130 and the AAT. The AAT has stronger armour but it is slower and far less manoeuvrable than the TX-130. At long range the AAT can pick off the TX-130 but as soon as the sabertank can close the range, the fight will turn in it's favour.

Both tanks are good, it's just that they use different tactics to accomplish their goals.

Jan 29 2011, 10:14am Anchor

But a 1943 T-34 can not penetrate the Tiger from the back unless armed with special Munitions, so there is still the chance of the tiger killing it before it itself is killed. So, no it would not be all over, I find it lame that you think a Tiger would have no support or counter against a lone T-34 that can't even penetrate its rear.

Jan 29 2011, 11:56am Anchor

A T-34 could penetrate a Tigers rear (that sounds wrong). Also my analogy wasn't meant to be extremely accurate. The TX-130's laser cannons are rapid fire and have good power too, enough to destroy the AAT. And the TX-130's missiles were homing missiles unlike the AAT's warheads.

Also I found this on Wookiepedia: "During the war, they showed vulnerability to PLX-1 portable missile launcher fire, with a single missile from this capable of destroying it if aimed at the correct location. Advanced Recon Commandos also displayed capability of jumping inside the tank and blasting it apart from the inside. Also, they seemed inferior to the Republic TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank"

Jan 29 2011, 2:10pm Anchor

Good home work ^.^ Okay then, if Wookieepedia says so, also the T-34/76 that could not was the 1943, Others likely could. Seems fitting since the TX-130 was created more mid-war and made specifically to counter the CIS, like most of the republics equipment too.

Jan 29 2011, 8:17pm Anchor

Yeah the AAT was created 10 or so years before the TX-130. A better comparison would be the TX-130 vs GAT. The CIS began construction of the GAT as they saw the clear advantages to small, heavily armed and quick tanks such as the TX-130. However the GAT lacked shields and was somewhat slower than the sabertank, it was outclassed so the CIS began to slowly phase them out of service in favour of the crab droid series and the tri-droids.

Here is the article about the GAT:

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