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Things I liked in the OLD series (and what I disliked) (Groups : Alliance to Restore Canon (ARC) : Forum : Discuss likes and dislikes of both series : Things I liked in the OLD series (and what I disliked)) Locked
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Jan 25 2011, 8:51am Anchor

1. It had an kind of diferent approach on Star Wars. I don't know what. Maybe it was deeper or diferent somehow, I don't know.
2. The Characters: It sounded more right, the characters. They weren't umpty-dumpty-doo-happy like in the new series.
3.The animation: considering that it was 2D style animation, it was very good and rather colorful (what is good).
What I didn't like:
1. The emptyness. I guess somehow, maybe by the lack of music or something, it felt empty.

Jan 25 2011, 2:24pm Anchor

I didn't like the fact that in the old series Jedi were like invincible maniacs born from a mix between the Hulk and Chuck Norris. There's no way that Mace Windu destroyed 1000+ B2's with his bare hands and then proceeded to take down the seismic tank singlehandedly.

When I come to think of it, the old Clone Wars series was just as un-canon as the new one.

Jan 25 2011, 2:58pm Anchor

Come to think about it, I guess you're right. But not as the new one.

Ozzy667 Arrogant douchenozzel
Jan 25 2011, 4:11pm Anchor

I hate the voices in the old one. I think the new series got the Jedi and sith voices much closer to the movies. I also didn't like how powerful the jedi were. In episode 1 Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had to retreat from 2 Droideka's. Mace Windu would have simply force pulled them in to his fist or something and then punched the Bridge door down.

Jan 25 2011, 5:43pm Anchor

the music was definently horrible. as for the animation, im a Sameri Jack fan so T's animation didnt really bother me.i agree with the jedi being over powerd thing but i like how grevious basically raped all of them on Hypori. plus unlike the new series there is an epic battle in every episode. and have you noticed, in the new series whenever someone gets shot or stabed they cut to a scene showing the guy who performing the shooting or stabbing's face?

Jan 25 2011, 5:55pm Anchor

At the same time, even though the Jedi seemed over powered, you forget something: Deep down, the majority are force wielding bad-asses. While taking down a seismic tank was a bit extreme, at least the old show gave a clue that the Seps were winning.

Jan 25 2011, 5:57pm Anchor

I actually liked the music in the old series, it was much more intense.

As for the super wasn't as real as they should be, but you gotta admit the old series made jedi seem bad ass, ESPECIALLY MACE WINDU! I mean, if only Mace were like that in the movies...he would have taken out sidious, and most jedi would have then survived order 66

Ozzy667 Arrogant douchenozzel
Jan 25 2011, 6:06pm Anchor

One complaint I have about the movies is they didn't show enough of the force weilding bad ass Jedi like you would see in the KOTOR games or the force Unleashed. Atleast the cartoon and the new series do show some of that but the Cartoon got a bit extreme with it. The epic battles is one thing I would like to see in the new series. The battles are getting bigger like the Space battle over Kamino in Season 3 ep. 2 and the second battle of Geonosis in Season 2 but they still lack the epicness seen in the cartoon and that battle scene from AOTC on Geonosis

Jan 26 2011, 6:51am Anchor

Well, considering that Starkiller was a BLOODY MONSTER WITH THE FORCE, and that at KOTOR (did you know that's a name for a city in Italy ?) ' and 2 you were respectively THE DARK LORD OF THE SITH and a jedi THAT WAS STRIPED OF THE FORCE, BUT GOT IT BACK, it's a bit rare for something like that happen.

Jan 28 2011, 8:54pm Anchor

@ Nick, Mace Windu did defeat sidious, it was just that overdramatic pansy Anakin that burst in.

Mace Windu was like a Temmura Morrison+chuck Norris mix, but atleast all the jedi aren't like that like in the new one.

Ozzy667 Arrogant douchenozzel
Jan 28 2011, 8:58pm Anchor

LMAO. You sound like me when I talked about that like B***h. As I said before, I wish Qui-Gon would have chopped him in half on Tatooine when he found him, Or Obi-Wan "Sorry master but this must be done" Light across the neck! :ninja:

Feb 26 2011, 4:30pm Anchor

Yeah, wouldve saved alot of trouble!

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