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Jan 24 2011 Anchor

Well in terms of firepower I think the ATTE will win with its 7 heavy turrets.

Tell me people can you read this post, I want to make sure everyone can.

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Jan 25 2011 Anchor

First of all the AT-TE does not have any turbolasers. It is equipped with 6 anti-personnel laser cannons and one large mass-driver cannon atop the vehicle. But yes in terms of firepower the AT-TE has the advantage, but the MTT can carry MUCH more troops, and the MTT is also heavily armoured.

Jan 25 2011 Anchor

These are completely uncomparable. The MTT even is named, the Multi-troop-transport i.e. TRANSPORT, while the ATTE is the all terrain tactical enforcer. Ones for combat, one is not.

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