The 6th gen is the 128-bit era, this is the time of the ps2, xbox, game cube and sega dreamcast, there was apperintly another console called the XaviXPort but i never heard of it. This era ended arounf 2005 when the xbox 360 came out.

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The Matt & Zach Show Has Returned! Here's a little update with some useful info about the show.

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The Matt & Zach Show Has Returned! Good news eh?

To make a long story short, both my situation and Zach's seem to have improved to a point where we will be able to start recording and uploading the show more regularly. We're really happy to be back, and we look forward to talking to ya'll some more. WE'RE BACK!

In general we will be back to doing 1 episode every 1 - 2 weeks with no exact upload date set. Sorry about that but it's unavoidable. But you guys will still have the show so don't complain, lol.

More updates to come.


Now to find some time for the last episode, 40 minutes is kinda long for me.

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