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Resident Evil 6 / Sinister Resident Evil 6 trailer focuses on horror.

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Resident Evil 6 / Are you scared of zombies?

Sinister Resident Evil 6 trailer focuses on horror.

Capcom Comic-Con trailer makes it clear that Resident Evil 6
Is not only action but also has plenty of thrills in store for fans.

Combining forces

Resident Evil series has always been about survival against all odds. With limited pocket space and ammo, we slipped through the first games in the series, step by step, knowing that a new and unknown danger to fool around the next corner. Since Resident Evil 4, that many consider to be the best in the series, however, changed the pattern, and the series has now evolved into an almost pure action-fest, with the zombies as extras.

Resident Evil 6 will Capcom recall the horror of the series 'start, and combine them with the later games' action sequences. Currently we have only been watching the latter, but with Comic-Con trailer that was recently released, we feel some of the scarier parts of the game as well. And we meet our first zombie snake. Jackpot!

Watch The Trailer Here

Resident Evil 6 is developed and published by Capcom for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.
The game
will be launched 2 October.


Resident Evil 6 is going to be amazing cool! :D

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not scared of zombies i have swords for up close and there is a gun store in the city so grab my swords go to the gun store get some guns and ammo run to sobeys kick a bunch of people except a few out lock it down but venture out every now and again especially to get a microwave and a stove and a barbque i would build a sturdy barricade outside so i could use the barbque without killing my self

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Wow, this Resident Evil looks like its going to be ahead of my expectations, which I can't ever remember feeling before. I guess I never had expectations back when Resident Evil was consistently good like the first 3 games.. the games took a more actiony/hollywood style over the top ****, and it also took inspiration from anime how the characters always look 100% perfect even after all the zombies they've blown away, not even a hair out of place. They should be covered in blood, dirt and grime...

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I'm really looking forward to Resident Evil 6 comes!!!

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