The 501st Legion, also known as the 501st Battalion during the Clone Wars and later known as "Vader's Fist" and the Five Hundred and First, was an elite unit of clone troopers commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars that later became a stormtrooper unit. Made up of units like Torrent Company, the 501st fought in many battles, such as the Battle of Teth and the Battle of Coruscant, becoming one of the most well-known legions. In 19 BBY, the 501st became Darth Vader's personal unit as he led them during Operation: Knightfall, in which the clones helped take down the Jedi, whom they believed to be traitors to the Republic.

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ImperialAdmiralRob 501st Mission Files #1
Aug 7 2013 Anchor

Journal entry #1 (author note: im doing it different so now it is more like a journal and less of story telling so enjoy!)
by, Imperial Admiral Rob
year: 22 BBY


The Orion 1 fleet has finally come out of hyperspace and we are now over Teth. Apparently Hutt crime lord Jabba the Hutt's son was kidnapped by Count Dooku and Dooku framed the Republic for the kidnapping. so the only reason why we are here is to rescue Jabba's son and prove our innocence. it's a waste of time if you ask me. the fleet has just engaged a fleet of CIS frigates. and the commander told me to take a brake for a while and to get out of the bridge and help get the gunships ready to land on Teth to help support the clones. but Ive already done that so i figured i would update my journal. I am still a lieutenant and I'm still stationed on an acclamator- class frigate, but someday i will be stationed on a Venator i just know it. the gunships just left the hanger and are now on there way to land on Teth. I am back in the bridge and currently telling all the clone commanders and squad leaders of there current objectives. the 501st seem to be driving the CIS back on the right flank according to the Holographic Battle Map (H.B.M.) which is good because now the CIS are forced to move droids from other areas to the right flank taking some pressure of the other clone battalions.


The 501st were able push back the droids and rescue Jabba's son from the separatists. we even managed to capture a CIS general he is a tough nut to crack but its part of my job to interrogate him. i have also just been promoted to captain! The Orion 1's next stop is Geonosis.

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