This is a group for everyone who lives 16 bit games, the 16 bit era is known for being the end of the side scroling era and the begining of 3d with games such as doom and wolfenstein 3d. this era is when the sega mega drive (segas last console to make it big), the SNES, sega cd and many more. This is also the time of the origanal game boy.

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New version is uploaded, Mac or PC version
Economic Crisis TD 2012

New version is uploaded, Mac or PC version

Dec 10, 2013 Economic Crisis TD 2012 Demo (83.62mb) 0 comments

Version 3.0 is a updated verson with improved sound and sfx, jumping has better timing and gives smoother gameplay of the first level. Try it out, have...

Cyclical Circles - Alpha v0.6 - Demo Version
Cyclical Circles

Cyclical Circles - Alpha v0.6 - Demo Version

Nov 23, 2013 Cyclical Circles Demo (244.51mb) 0 comments

A first demo for Cyclical Circles ! Color mode and easy difficulty for discovering the concept. Give me your feedback for improve the game :)

First level completed
A Clumsy Adventure

First level completed

Nov 9, 2013 A Clumsy Adventure Demo (20.32mb) 0 comments

The alpha version was online for a while now, but we were very busy finsihed the first level. Now we almost did and wanted to give you a try it. Please...

2012 VGAR Calendar

2012 VGAR Calendar

Dec 30, 2011 Other (1.95mb) 2 comments

Well 2012 is here so you may as well plan what we are going to do on the last days of earth… well now you can do it in style with the 2012 VGAR calendar...

VGAR Calendar

VGAR Calendar

Feb 28, 2011 Other (1.47mb) 5 comments

the VGAR calendar for 2011. it may be a little late but its finally done :)

Ps3 Controller PC installer

Ps3 Controller PC installer

Jun 10, 2010 Other (0.37mb) 17 comments

Just download, extract file then install libusb driver and then after that click on the ps3saxaxis_en exe, the exe will bring up a command box that will...

May 24, 2010
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