Well, this group is for 40k (But NOT at all limited to, this is open to all Science Fiction and Fantasy) writers (And Fans!) to help each other in their writings, story lines, and whatever! Since the "40k Fan Group" is the most popular group here on Moddb (besides it being far from biggest), it could be cool to have something like this around for those of us who like to just think up our own stories N whatnot. Everyone is invited! -The Emperor Protects

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Help with SF, Fantasy, and all in-between writing (Groups : 40k (Sci-fi and Fantasy) Writers Workshop : Forum : Help with SF, Fantasy, and all in-between writing) Closed
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Writing Terminology, help w/ publishing n whatnot lets get some tips up and all that good stuff, if you know your stuff, or are curious bout something, POST! and lets get some books/short stories published and under our belts... together :O