Zombie Barricades is an exciting new multiplayer aRPG!

We've been cooking it up for nearly a year now and we've reached that point in development where we really need to start getting player feedback. If you've just joined us welcome, grab a pew, you've arrived at the right time.

So we have all the technical stuff sorted, we know we're not going to have to wipe anyone's accounts in an update or two and the game has a patcher so it's easy to keep up to date.

All that remains is the exciting stuff: Injecting missions, maps, vehicles, skins and weapons!

Featuring so far:

  • 800+ Zombies per map (grows as more Players join)
  • Multiplayer online (up to 24 Players per map)
  • Skill based leveling system
  • Customizable weapons
  • Ragdoll physics

So you've joined us at the right time because this is where the fun begins, you can jump into the game hopefully with a few pals and enjoy slaying Zombies and maybe give us a bit of feedback, what you liked, what you didn't and what you'd like to see more of.

We want to create something the players have jumped on board and helped to mould.

It's a free to play game that won't break the bank, so if you like what you see support us by chucking a couple of dollars our way (not essential) and subscribe to the blog to keep up to date because those updates will be coming thick and fast!

Are you a Youtuber or Streamer who want to record Zombie Barricades?

Yes of course you have our permission (as if you have to ask!)

Here this pack of logos and stuff might help you out. Let us know when it's done and we'll help you spread the word!

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Welcome back! So as hinted in the last update, we’ve been working hard on creating some impressive fireworks for the game. There was so much feedback from Update 5 that we’ve actually had to release Update 6 before we added all of the planned stuff so we didn’t keep you waiting around because it features quite a few important bug fixes.

So the main effort this update is to make the environment a little more dynamic by adding props to the scene that can be interacted with. We have many types of props planned but we’ll start with the most exciting which is exploding vehicle wrecks.

So now the various wreckages have an orange outline (to show they can be interacted with) and a healthbar and if you shoot at them or use grenades to bring down their health, they’ll explode! If you are shooting at a wreck you’ll have a 5% chance of causing a ‘Lucky Shot!’ causing it to explode instantly but watch out because they might explode more than once! So keep an eye out for those glorious secondary explosions.

Once a vehicle has detonated it’ll be inert for a little while and then reset. Explosions now also cause a slight camera shake adding to immersion and we’ve added some new impact sounds when shooting at metal objects.

Any characters or wrecks caught in the explosion will take damage from the concussive force and characters will suffer ‘Knockdown!’ (same as being hit with any other in-game explosive.)

There's a chance that any Character or Wreck caught in the blast will receive the status ‘On Fire!' in which they'll suffer repeated damage per second until the fire is extinguished. Characters that are on fire can set alight other characters or even wrecks. This makes for some very unique and emergent situations and offers up ways to deal with very-high level mobs that might otherwise be impervious to damage from you.

Previously, it was far too easy to level up so we’ve completely rewritten the levelling formula, the changes made might affect your characters level but you won’t lose any experience that you’ve accrued.

We’ve also added a new free Character ‘Jane Doe,’ if we were going to have a free male character then it’s only fair that we should have a free female one too.

Explosions and fire look best with glow enabled and the glow effect we're using previously is very pretty but it's quite expensive on performance. If your PC can't handle the premium glow we've added a cheaper glow that doesn't look quite as good but will let you enjoy those affects in better detail. Try playing with the ‘Glow' option in the ‘Display' section of the options menu and see what works best for you.


There is also a great many fixes in this update thanks to input from a raft of new players, details of which can be found in the #maintenance channel on Discord. Look forward to a Update 7 in which we’ll add some new weapons, better friendly NPC AI, additional sound FX and the inventory system gets more work.

Many thanks for the continued support!

Pushing forwards! Weapon customization and UI features (Update 5)

Pushing forwards! Weapon customization and UI features (Update 5)

News 5 comments

Weapons like submachine guns don’t fall into the category of Rifles or Pistols so they now have their own skill and some weapons will now need more...

Zombie Barricades Alpha Launch!

Zombie Barricades Alpha Launch!


You've joined us at the right time because this is where the fun begins, you can jump into the game hopefully with a few pals and enjoy slaying the Zombies...

New stuff! Character Screen and Combat Tweaks (Update 4)

New stuff! Character Screen and Combat Tweaks (Update 4)


Firstly, we've increased the amount of Zombies on the map to 950 (20% increase!) and the more Players on the map the more Zombies will spawn. So if there's...

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Zombie Barricades - Windows x64 [Portable]

Zombie Barricades - Windows x64 [Portable]

Full Version

Zombie Barricades game v1.08 for x64 Windows systems in a self extracting executable.

Zombie Barricades - Press pack

Zombie Barricades - Press pack


Here is a collection of Logos and Screenshots and all press releases regarding the game Zombie Barricades.


You forgot either upload the setup file to indiedb or include the download link in indiedb blog, so people may be confused how to download it.
Before creator uploads it, here's the direct link. Zombiebarricades.com
And yes it's F2P in the future. From the blog I guess he gonna sell character, in-game currency and weapon skins only.

One feedback, it may be better to have discord channel to ease the troubledness of giving feedback.

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ZBar.co Creator

Hey there - it took a little while for the files to get authorised sorry about that. Great idea about the discord channel! We'll get that setup. Cheers!

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