X-Isle is a scifi, 2D, free to play Online RPG set on a prison island, far into a distant future. Although a visual ode to the classic 16bit JRPGs of the past, XI is a modern day ORPG full of interesting features and exciting secrets. Powered by the XtremeWorlds engine, X-Isle has been in development since 2006. Get ready for a life sentence on X-Isle with 250 levels of content, gang wars, minigames, PvP, many dungeons and quests, all within a unique and atmospheric scifi setting.

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JediFlip says

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X-isle is a sci-fi game set in the year 2252. When you first enter the game the setting sets you as a prisoner exiled to the island. As you progress you come to learn that it use to be maximum security with a lot of amazing features and technological advancements, but due to budget cuts the staff has been reduced to a lot less guards and the prisoners are let loose to start their own society. A lot of the prisoners like to call themselves engineers because there is so much technological scrap that was left behind that the prisoners want to harness it to use to their advantage.

The music is great and fits perfectly depending on the setting. The game play is mediocre but this isn't the type of game you decide to play due to great game play although if you are familiar with other XtremWorld type games this is by far the best. X-isle has the potential for a lot of role playing and the pvp duels are a lot of fun when you encounter them. There is a lot of competing for training spots and bosses; when there is a community of players a lot of fights break out.

Ultimately if you are looking for a SNES style dungeon crawler turned ORPG and like to explore and level up characters and want to watch your character grow into a gang leader in the deadliest prison on the planet than X-Isle is for you.


raynor009 says

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Pretty good game, inspired from the Fallout 1 and 2. I wish there were some guides to explain the game mechanics...


BradyInstead says

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