In the final days of the 21st century, war as we know it has changed. The real world is safer than ever due to the assured destruction of the planet should a major superpower cause a threat. In this age, virtual war is the most important thing to man, cyber space matters and striking a virtual blow against your enemies is the best and only way to succeed.

War of The Servers 2012-2013 (Engine Change) (view original)

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Just to point out, we are not bashing on Source in this image. We think source is a great engine to work with, it just didn't allow us to do what we wanted to do with War of The Servers.

This is a beta version of the "Powerplant" map created originally on source compared to a recently began rebirth of the "Alcatraz Island" map.

Stay put and keep hold of your mouse and keyboard ladies and gentlemen.