From the earliest PadMaps came the mod PadWorld, and now from that distinguished provenance comes the next colourful evolution, the World of Padman. Developed and headed by the professional cartoonist and illustrator ENTE and his team, PadWorld Entertainment proudly present a free multi player game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that's powered by an extended ioquake3-engine. Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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Jan 24th, 2011
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This full dmg-image should support Mac OS 10.4 and newer on ppc, i386 and x86_64 platforms. The package already contains WoP 1.5.1, so no extra patch for the Mac release is required. We are sorry, but we couldn't test the Mac files on all systems. If you have any issues with the Mac release, please drop us a line.

World of Padman Changelog

Jan 23 2011, 11:40am - VERSION: 1.5.1

o Misc: Removed superfluous dependency in libtheora.dll
o Misc: Disabled antialiasing and anisotropic filtering by default (not all hardware supports it)
o Engine: Server crashed if it got a status query during mapchange
o SDL: Pumped to version 1.2.14

Dec 27 2010, 02:40pm - VERSION: 1.5

o Engine: ogm video file support
o Music: Some new tracks to dieselkopf albums
o Music: PadKitchen Track to Dieselkopf Rock album
o Music: Painted Death by Neurological
o Textures: Several spelling mistakes on textures
o Gametypes: Wallhack symbols for BB-boxes
o VoIP: Voice chat support and options in settings and ingame menus
o XTRAS: Mapping tool support files for Radiant
o Powerups: Boomies holdable added for CTL and BB game modes
o Powerups: Bambam holdable added for CTL game mode
o Weapons: Injector with a new zoom effect added to all game modes using InstaPad
o Mapobjects: Animated raven model
o Mapobjects: A couple of new static mapobjects
o Textures: New PadBox skyboxes for platform maps
o Models: Support for bright skins
o Models: Existing model skin overhauled and tweaked
o Models: New head models for Padman character model
o Models: BeachPad player model
o Models: PadPunk player model
o Models: PadKing player model
o Models: PadCho player model
o Models: PaddyBell player model
o Gametypes: InstaPad (instagib) option added to all game modes
o Textures: SyC new logos added
o Models: BB new models of balloon boxes added
o Gametypes: BB wallhack items for players and boxes added
o Gametypes: CTL game mode added
o Maps: Cyben's CybJourney CTL
o Maps: MopAn's Jail BigBalloon version
o Maps: Kai's FridgeWars CTL
o Maps: Harm's Westernset CTL
o Maps: ENTE's PadShop
o Maps: ENTE's PadCrash
o Maps: ENTE's PadBox CTL
o Maps: ENTE's PadBase CTL
o Maps: ENTE's PadCloister CTL
o Maps: ENTE's PadAsia CTL
o Maps: Glowstar's ColorStage CTL
o Menu: Ingame help screens with short explanations
o Menu: New option added antialiasing, anisotropy, resolutions to grafics menu
o Menu: New game play hints while the loading screen is shown
o HUD: New and additional cross hairs added
o HUD: New screen effect added after leaving liquids ingame
o Sounds: VoIP support added
o Sounds: New announcer sounds added (CTL)
o Sounds: Sounds for new player models added
o Bots: New bot code added, CTL support via waypoint file
o Bots: Bot for all new player models added
o Misc: Added func_door_rotating entity
o Boaster: Weapon dmg values
o Bots: Overhauled and spell checked bot chat protocol. thx to Padster
o Cover: Game box arts overhauled
o Manual: Several additions
o Menu: Bot icons sorted and selection changed
o Menu: Player icons and skins sorted
o Model: PiratePad with complete new animations
o Model: PiratePad scaled up
o Model: Padman model replaced
o Menu: Only available screen resolutions are shown in graphics menu, sorted by aspect ratio
o HUD: New team overlay layout
o Menu: Texture details set to maximum by default
o Menu: Max clients set to 12 and added to create menu
o Menu: Server browser overhaul
o Powerups: PadShield armor replaced by a new model
o Powerups: PadShards armor overhauled
o Powerups: Revival new effect icon
o Weapons: Faster weapon change after out of ammo status
o Weapons: Imperius ammo load reduced
o Weapons: Weapon effects and skins overhauled
o Weapons: Boaster damage reduced
o LPS: new head icons, player with most lifes left gets highlighted with a red icon
o Textures: Round about 2000 textures reworked and replaced
o Textures: Shader entries cleaned
o Maps: All old maps overhauled
o Menu: Start menu Sigle and Multi replaced by Create and Join
o Menu: All levelshots overhauled and resized
o Menu: Menu background pictures overhauled
o Menu: Bot menu, only default bots selectable, additional selection of default/red/blue in list
o Menu: Game options menu expanded
o Menu: New game play hints while the loading screen is shown
o Menu: Scoreboard overhauled
o Sounds: Folder structure of sound files rearranged, cleaned
o Bots: Bot difficulty levels lowered
o Misc: Net code protocol version number
o Misc: Woparena and wopbot changed back to arena and bot to avoid issues with sv_allowDownload and sv_dlURL
o Misc: Log file content overhauled and extended
o Misc: Fixed an issue with names of demo files under Linux
o Misc: Team spawn entities can be used for all team modes now
o Misc: WoP logo overhauled
o Mapping tools: Wrong home path for linux os
o Model: 3d person view head camera issue
o PadCrash_dm17: Hurt brush issue
o Menu: Animation abort bug in player menu
o Menu: Sorting skins issue in player menu
o Sounds: Solved a crash issue with playing mp3 while pressing N
o Engine: Shoot while chatting "bug" fixed
o Misc: Server cfg files
o Credits: Pages updated
o Mapping Tools: shaderlist.txt
o SDL: Pumped to version 1.2.13
o Video: Intro movie overhauled
o ioq3 code base

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WoP 1.5.1 full dmg (Mac OS X)
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