You play Oliver, a young teenager who finds out that his mom has been kidnapped by the evil Dark Ghoul, through this RPG Game, created with RPGMaker VXAce and CityMayor Games and the creative developer (creator of The KODU Race Game, see our website) ThePCGamer101, join Oliver when you go on an adventure to kill the evil Dark Ghoul. This game is available to download FOR FREE! FREE-TO-PLAY! FREE! FREE! FREE! Via ModDB and Gamejolt.

Where's my Mom? - Demo Gameplay

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Demo Gameplay of Where's my Mom? with the developer ThePCGamer101
Sound: We do apologize about the sound, it is very bad, we will upload a second video with No Commentator and hopefully you can watch it in peace, if for some reason the video cannot be made we will add annotations to the video so that you can understand the commentator.
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