Inspired by Starflight: 100 years ago Terrans were driven from their homeworld by an unknown alien race. The Guardian Starship 'Void of Darkness' was the evacuation fleet's only escort. Upon deploying a prototype weapon against their pursuers, the ship vanished without a trace and the evacuation fleet was catapulted across the universe. Now with the aid of an enigmatic alien race known as the 'Eurians', The Terran refugees have rebuilt their society and launched a new fleet of Starships. Take command of your ship and crew. Trade, explore, survive and engage. You must discover what happened to the starship 'Void of Darkness' before a new threat seals Terran fates forever, Featuring: Explore, trade, upgrade your ship and survive the war. For full Features list see the Void of Darkness Homepage Minimum: OS: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8 | LINUX Processor: Intel Dual core or equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM On-board Graphics Card (With latest OPENGL drivers)

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This video is from alpha 0.2.1

It shows combat between a U'Guul dreadnought (the big guy) and several small Eurian corvettes aided by yours truly and a Eurian Cruiser. Very early video, only two months in full development here, and only two weeks of that had been devoted to any combat!

Still a lot of place holder art I ask you to take into consideration, and also the fact that it was an early test video, I like to show off steady progress, I do not like long content update waits.

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