Vengeance Target Date: Dec. 2013 Several years after a devastating world war fighting has become more then just a sport. It has become a commodity as well as a way of life for many. A new body of government over the entire planet has turned highly skilled fighters as the most sought after groups of people on the planet. Using tournaments to determine each fighters worth.  Among all of the fighters in the world, ten troubled fighters are chosen to enter a special tournament. But unlike the other tournaments, this is a fight to the death where there will leave only one victor. That man or woman will then be given the one thing they are seeking most of all! VENGEANCE!

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Vengeance Characters & Stages
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Vengeance is a unique fighting game that focuses on real world martial arts. There are no magic powers, & no projectiles like street fighter type games. Every one of the characters in Vengeance is disciplined in a fighting style based in the real world.

These styles include:
Jet Kune Do
& Iado to name a few.

Each of the ten playable characters in Vengeance have a compelling backstory that is filled with violence and in some cases heartache which has led that character along the path of Vengeance, and into a special tournament where the winner is promised the justice and/or revenge that they are seeking.

There is a hidden character in Vengeance whose story intertwines with several of the main characters. But his story you will have to find out on your own if you can unlock him.

The two bosses of Vengeance are unique in their own right. SHI, the first boss is the organizer of the tournament. His name means "Death" in Japanese.

Ammon the mysterious final boss. No one but SHI knows of him, or his past.

Get ready for devastating combo's and fighting in this action packed fighting game from No Limit Games

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