• Story Mode, with 10 unique planets, for a total of 30+ matches • An endless Local Multiplayer mode - it's more fun when you see your friends in the eyes while you outwit them • 10 different alien races to unlock, each one with its own in-game power: several guests from other indie games (World of Goo, Super Crate Box, Bit.Trip, Blocks That Matter, Gish, Cortex Command) • A wonderful original soundtrack, by composer Francesco D'Andrea And more to come in the next update

Review RSS Feed valeriopullano says
10 valeriopullano

Mar 27th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

This game is great, love the strategic dynamics and graphic style.
Very good example of quality game design...
I'm in wait for the final version!

keensonic says
10 keensonic

Mar 20th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Great game and very inspiring! Really enjoyed the graphics, it sets you in a great atmosphere.
Also digging the gameplay a lot, I like how you have to use your brain to get the full game experience out of it. 10/10 deserved, cause there's not so many other indie games out there with such an original concept, deep ambience and polished work! Great stuff, looking forward for the complete version!!

stinkytaco says
10 stinkytaco

Mar 8th, 2013 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

dev is a nice guy

zed81 says
10 zed81

Mar 5th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Nice, i like it

NHIMSrl says
10 NHIMSrl

Mar 4th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

The gameplay is very engaging (the AI rocks!!!). The graphics is funny and well done!
Great job, love UFHO2!

SantaRagione says
9 SantaRagione

Mar 4th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Excellent puzzle/strategy/board game. Esp on tablets it's going to be amazing.
PLease get past the tedious tutorial: it is not representative of the high quality of the rest of the game.

Capro says
9 Capro

Jun 21st, 2013

No review provided

skyblock121 says
1 skyblock121

May 27th, 2013

No review provided

colorblindpanda says
1 colorblindpanda

May 13th, 2013

No review provided

borius says
10 borius

Mar 13th, 2013

No review provided

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