UemeU (You-Me-You) is a unique sandbox that allows users to play and create games, build virtual worlds and make stunning 3D art. You can build privately in your own world, or explore and collaborate in shared environments with players from around the globe. With an ever-growing library of shapes, colours, materials and gadgets along with an easy-to-use interface, UemeU will appeal to both gamers and designers alike. For more information please visit www.uemeu.com. --- To activate the game, press "Play Game" and "Get Keys". Then, register at uemeu.com/#/user/register, go to Account --> My Licences and paste your license key, press "Claim License".

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Really like this game! it gives you so much freedom and creativity, i have been amazed by some of the cool items and worlds i have been able to create in such a short time... I cant wait for the full version so i can really go to town it and make my very own sandbox world. 8/10

This is a really promising project.
You can reach out to the developers and actively help shape the course of the development of the game!

Right now they are currently debating whether to use heightmap or voxel for terrain. THAT is how much power the community will have.

The ability to switch between edit and play is seamless.
The building is very intuitive.
The interface is clean.
The ability to animate objects really cool- kinda like animating in flash.

It is still an early alpha!!!
In other words it doesnt have a lot of features yet!
The developers need YOUR help! (community)

!!!!!!A warning undo button doesnt really work on much (because they add/remove features too much for it to be practical)!!!!!!

A great option for either PC Gamers, 3D Artist, Architects. A game within a game!!!

I just got this a few days ago and am really impressed with it. The main reasons that I gave it a 10 rating are these:

1) Easy to learn, yet powerful in what it can do.
I have used a number of world builders dating all the way back to trying to create Doom and Heretic wads. Recently, I have also used Gary's Mod, Patterns and others. I have never used one that I felt was this easy, and yet powerful, to use.

2) Tutorial and help system is also very clearly laid out with instructions and examples that even someone like me can understand. :)

3) You can easily flip between building and playing so you can see the results of what you did right away. That's especially nice for those times when you aren't 100% sure what you want to do or how an option will affect what you are working on.

4) And, of course, it looks really good.

This is a work in progress, but it does say "Alpha Release" so no problem there.

If you are feeling creative, I would definitely give it a try.

UemeU gives the opportunity to players to unleash creativity with no restrictions. It's the successor of Garry's Mod with even better capabilities and freedom.

i didnt get the game but i think it looks amazing


I wish I could vote higher

This project is really interessing and i hope features will be added with the time :D

Incredible program, love it !

Promising game ! Serious support of complicated shapes since the start, this game always get more beatiful each updates !

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