Left4Quake aims to bring Left 4 Dead to the Playstation Portable.

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at first i wassnt really a fan of this but i have to say, the game runs a lot more smoother than nzp. i really enjoy playing l4q and am really looking foward to the official release.
10/10 for you

demasiado bueno para ser verdad :)

Very stable, just like you guys said, has very good graphics, and physics, deserves the 10 :D

Very good models, nice weapon, physic, nice homebrew! :D


Whoa, this looks like its gonna be like the real Left 4 dead, Keep the good work!!! :D

this is just epic.
this isnt only for people who want it on the go.
but also for the people who have a pc that can barely take next gen games like L4D.
so this is just one of the best free indie projects ever!!!

Absolutely Amazing mod for a engine this limited. Impressive Job!

ADD MORE STUFF =10 And demo was great

Played the Demo on a PSP2000 more than 20 times and it its solid...
No crashing, no slowdowns like NZP and very good performance at all.
I also tested the game with 2 own custommaps and i didnt notice any problems or crashes... This looks very promising...


- Runs solid, no crashing, no slowdowns
- Nice models and soundeffects


- Walking speed is a little bit too slow
- Engine seems not to support HLBSP maps (awww...)

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