Tribal Hero is an online slow paced city building and war game. Tribal Hero provides one of the best experiences in this genre since we provide deep strategy and high flexibility in how you can build your cities. If you've played similar games, be sure to give this a try.

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The game plays smoothly on any computer I've tried to use it on, in the background of other games or with a million tabs open. My favorite part is joining a tribe (clan) and going into war. Great game 10/10.

I want to have this games babies....

Excellent laid back game with very friendly community. Easy to learn and fun to play. Everyone has the same chance to win since there is no pay-to-win! That is my favorite part.

It is a game in it's early stages and I can't wait to be part of the community for a long time. Would highly recommend.

Loving this game! :D

Really enjoyable game overall. Casual, fun, nice community, and the most important part, no pay to win!

Beautiful design! Love the game and the community

Great game, highly addictive though.. fun for a while and free.

Epic server battles which goes on for months before resetting = Awesomesauce

I've been playing Tribal Hero for around 6 months now. It's my favorite browser based game. Great community and the dev always pops in to say hi and give us updates.

A daily addiction...Great game to play in between other tasks. Takes a bit to get going, but when you do the politics involving all the tribes really brings this game home. Great game for family/friends as you can team up to give yourself a numbers advantage. Helpful/informative community that gives good advice to new players to help them succeed. Kiss your free time goodbye when it hooks you.

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