The player takes role of Anne, a young woman lost on an island full of dinosaurs. The goal is, of course, to escape the place, but first you'll have to travel around the island, making your way through hordes of unfriendly animals. The game was hyped in media before it's release, but is generally considered a failure, poorly recieved by computer game reviewers. The truth is that the game had many interesting features. Some of them were really revolutionary for the time of release, bur the overall apperance of the game was rather disappointing, compared to presspack before the sales launched.There's still a strong fanbase on the Internet, though.

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The game that failed by the standards of almost everybody that expected too much and developers that prommised too much...

Jurassic Park: Trespasser is actually the one of the best games that I have played considering that is kinda glitchy and buggy but in reality if what Far Cry of its time and it failed because numerous reasons and to blame is the publisher...

It rushed it because of devs that spend more money then the publisher allowed and the publisher was EA that rushed the game and because of that wasted all money because of that. JP:T was revolutionary but glitchy because of many features, rushing the release of the game, already spend the bugdet to develop it and the publisher that rushed it because they wanted money and not the good game.

The gameplay is simple and kinda open world for its time, even its linear but that would be the point if it had larger bugdets, developers with more imagination and ideas, longer development and more staff!

So the gameplay is simple, you go trought levels, discovering parts of levels, finding weapons, discovering new dinos and what happened, trying to get out from the island or it was an on continent. Anyway it was suppose to be a survival horror and the main flaw that almost everything was rushed and mostly using ragdoll animations/psyhics.

The result was glitchy/buggy gameplay, weird movements, problems with AI and hard to control or use some weapons...

Overall the game is the best when you see when it was made, what features are in the game, the enviroment, interactivity ...

But it failed for the community of noobs that reviewed the game and destroying the hope of an sequel/remake and most importantly larger fan base and turning the standards far higher before Far Cry and Half Life came!!

Anyway I gave the game 10 out of 10... Its scary, adrenaline pumping, great "view" and tons of guns for its time...

The only people that expected to work on weak PCs and EA for rushing the game because of the greed for money!!


Aaaah,I remember when this first came out,good times......
But about the game,very good graphics even it's from '98,
very big maps,nicely done models,sometimes the arm is I
bit glitchy but nothing is perfect. I love the way you
can hear voice records of both John Hammond and Anne along the levels.
Poor that allot of sites say this is worst game ever while
back in that time it was a very good game and even inspired
Valve to make Half Life.

Really 10 out of a 10 lads!


If you could even understand the potential of this game and all the fun and adrenaline you can feel by playing it you would understand why I rated it 10 even if it has some annoying bugs.


ZamCo says

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Welcome... to Trespasser.

The game that started it all. The game that was voted the worst game of the year, still have a strong fan community, 15 years after its release.

Create whatever you want. Yes, there will be bugs, and glitches, but Trespasser is not only an action game - it's also a comedy game.

"...Next time, it’ll be flawless!" - John P Hammond


Fantastic, despite the flaws.

+ Dinosaurs!
+ The atmosphere is top notch. This feels 100% like a Jurassic Park game.
+ The game might be linear, but some of the maps are huge. While you won't find anything other than some weapons when exploring an "optional area", the fantastic environment keeps you from being disappointed by that fact.
+ No HUD as we know it (no stupid numbers and icons filling the screen).
Tattoo showing your health? Awesome!
Character tells you how many bullets you have left? Brilliant (for this type of game, where you don't shoot all the time)!
+ The physics are great, even for today. The game was probably at least five years ahead of its time in that area.
It's entertaining to just push, roll or shoot boxes and other things.
+ The guns and items you hold are actually sticking out from your body! In a lot of fps games you can walk up to a wall or some other object with your gun still pointing forward, despite the fact that you are standing right in front of the wall. In Trespasser your arm will bend and you will drop your weapon most of the time if you attempt it.
+ Very innovative controls. I like how you manually grab and release boxes, guns etc. but...

- ... overall the controls are clunky. If you play mostly modern games you might have a really hard time getting used to them.
- Unfortunately, the dinosaurs move like they have some serious brain and muscle issues.


XTugAX says

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Great game,despite the bugs, the game is prety much playable in nowdays.


Lopper says

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Pretty fun but easy to get lost and hard to get to grips with the controls but after a few minutes its easy, good game, worth trying :)


CAR_23 says

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Great game

a good game but a bit anonnying at times like picking stuff up off the ground can take the micky or when being chased by a t-rex and having no where to get away from it or hide from it

but the game is good at times and can even scare you at times like when a raptor is coming towards you and your thinging "i'll just let it get a little closer"

i would love if sombody made a remake of this game and added someing like online play people vs dinos

i got this game for £3.99 and there are places where you can get it free on the internet


Deserves more recognition that it initially got. Has been said to have inspired developers of today's modern games/engines, such as Half life 2.

It had the right idea, just everything was against it. The graphics are perfectly good for a game that out in 1998, although without any modification, the draw distance and LOD'ing is generally quite pixelated.
The arm takes, some getting used too, and is tricky at times, especially in cramped conditions, you can find yourself dropping the item and can get stuck sometimes in objects.
Great dialogue from Hammond plays on the background as you move throughout each level, so while the game is not 100% on the gameplay the idea of listening to Hammonds memoirs at points throughout the game adds something no other Jurassic Park game has done, and suddenly has two stories to tell.
It is fairly long, and can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky to work with some puzzles, but nothing is impossible, and the (not always so good physics can even help in some cases.

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