Tomb Raider: Memories - The fan Game - Freeware is a fan made game, remake of the gold editions fo the previows games (TR1G, 2G, 3G, 4,G and chronicles) using PhysX nativelly, exclusive for Windows and Nvidia cards, completelly free, Square Enix knows (We have tell them a year ago thanks to the community manager) will be able initially in two languages latin Spanish and american English and coming support for Portugese. It is also a tribute from fans to those all companies that make possible that we have fun following this amazing saga since 1996. and is allso an opportunity for designers, animatros, programers, musician and illustratos to publicize their capabilities and services through this project, no matter if they are students or pofessionals. The goal is a High-quality grapic, sound and programming design. For more info, images, details, etc please visit the new official website.

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