The first in a new groundbreaking genre of real-life first person shooters. The world as we know it is being overrun by terrorists and fanatical extremists. Who can solve the problem? Only a covert ops team known as Team Rainbow has the training and equipment necessary to defuse any terrorist situation. In Rainbow Six you must forget everything you've ever learned about traditional first-person shooters. Since this game is realistic, you must realize that one bullet means one kill. Proper planning of your mission is just as important as proper execution. Make a wrong move, and you're dead!

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Tactical know-how required to play this game made it good but crashes, AI, and Graphics slowed the game



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Tactical Shooter games can sometimes be boring due to the story having many twists and turns or poor gameplay that messes up the game. But Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six? Heck no.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six tells the story of Rainbow Six:An elite counterterrorist team made of people from around the world:From America and Poland, To Brazil and Russia. It is during the year 2000, That Rainbow Six encounters a shady company, The Horizon Corperation has a deadly plot to enact with the phoenix group.

The game is seen from a First Person Perspective as you attempt to save hostages and kill tangos in 16 action packed missions around the world to prevent the spread..Of the ebola virus.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six also has a killer multiplayer mode for up to 16 players in 4 color coded teams in various game types like deathmatch, hostage rescue or co-op story mode. There is also an expansion pack called Eagle Watch that introduces new characters, weapons, multiplayer modes, and missions

best fps to date

The best patch ever!!!


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