In the year 2010, Rainbow operatives Logan Keller, Gabriel Nowak and Kan Akahashi are on a mission in a Mexican border town, assisted by intelligence officer Joanna Torres and pilot Brody Lukin. Their objective is to arrest Irena Morales, a terrorist ringleader. As the team reaches its landing zone in a helicopter, Logan fast-ropes down first but is separated from his group.

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With excellent tactical gameplay, amazing environments, and a tense storyline Vegas brought Rainbow Six into a new era of gaming. While Vegas 2 really shined, Vegas was the game that started it all and you'll appreciate Vegas 2 even more if you play Vegas first. Keep in mind that they can't be compared with the fit and finish of modern FPS's, but these two are still my favorite FPS's. Both are now available on STEAM at a reasonable price. And of course they are even more fun after being modded!

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