Tobe's Vertical Adventure is an indie, retro, platformer starring Tobe, the overly devoted gamer who's been forced on a treasure hunt by his materialistic crush, Nana. The big head duo will travel back and forth in the crumbling caves in search of treasures while rescuing fluffy animals, making you scream kawaii ne~ along the way. With 2 unique characters and a total of 4 islands and 16 levels to explore, Tobe's Vertical Adventure shall bring us back to a 16-bit yesterday. Key features: - Hours of classic platforming action through 4 islands of 16 levels - Play as Tobe or Nana, each with a unique storyline and move sets - Co-op Mode with a friend, as both Tobe and Nana - 16 bit graphical retro goodness - Experience the story through cutscenes and unlock the collectable soundtracks and artbook

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Far from perfect, sometimes unresponsive controls with few stupid design choices (jumping from running results basicaly in the same distance as jumping from walking, etc.) and also lacking several features that would highly prolong the replayability, such as level editor (because the style of the game is basically asking for it).

However, considering the low cost and fun I had playing this game, it's still a solid indie platformer that platformer enthusiasts shouldn't miss.

BTW also check other games from Secret base starring Tobe:

- Tobe's Hookshot Escape (free, flash)
- Tobe's Great Escape (free, flash)
- Tobe & Friends Hookshot Escape (iOS)

A very solid and slick Sega/SNES inspired platformer. However, this game isn't CRT friendly, so you need a monitor with a resolution more than 1024x768. Game isn't too hard, and some may say a tad easy - it can be beat well within 4-6 hours with few level retries. I personally find this a good thing as are a ton of games in my backlog, so this game did exactly what it needed to do. Minus two points simply because of the resolution issue (wasn't a problem on my laptop) and some may find it too short (though, he price is fair, so maybe 9 is more fitting honestly)

This game it's a pretty good example of a nice explorative and fast-paced platform game. The "flux" of the varios moves it's pretty good and keep up the rythm of the game. The items add a strategical value to this game that i really appreciated.

This game can still improve, for example i suggest to use "W" to get up from hanging !


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It's a really fun game and I'm so addicted to it.

The game runs as a platformer type game (much like Mario series) however the game is based on racing mostly, trying to get the large treasure and then when you get the treasure, the cave collapses so you try to get out on time.

The graphics are fine, and I really didn't mind the controls... it seems okay with me (you can switch it anyways so even if you don't like the controls it should be fine).

The only problem I encountered was extreme lag when playing in windowed mode. The game was so laggy for me I could barely even jump past a hole.

Another problem (this one is just annoying) is that the scrollbar when jumping down or up sometimes flickers. It hurts your eyes a little, but it doesn't do it as much as it does.

The game is great otherwise, the producer doesn't seem to be updating it anymore... so I'm not sure how that's gonna work, but it definitely is worth buying in the indieroyale bundle.


The controls really screw with me, I want to like this game so much but something won't let me get into it.


nice pixelated, 32 bit graphics


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