My name is Leon Michael Sadler and I am a co founder of the UK art collective FAMICON. As a group, our current focus is limited run art books. Back in the day we also made a bunch of internet animations including "Bart The General". Independently I've been commissioned by loads of great companies like Nike, Vice Magazine, and Nieves. Each stage of The Unbreakable Chain is from the point of view of a different species, with a different gameplay mechanic. The overall experience is intended to be left quite open for personal interpretation. It's pacing/flow takes some cues from the 2004 Grasshopper Manufacture game "Michigan: Report From Hell". Following the logic and scientific ideas such as the food chain and evolution, let's step into this drawing, have a walk around and see what there is to eat. Why are computer games so challenging? Who am I playing against? Why don't I play WITH the game, or just sit back and see what happens? Why am I competing with god?

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Got hooked by this alien right after having seen the thumbnail already. I wasn't impressed to see one of the founders was working for Vice. This is really off-the-wall, original, controversial, damn artsy overall and reminds me for some unknown reasons earlier works of René Laloux. (go figure?)


circle of life more like circle of fun


10/10 would bang


The first thing you should know about The Unbreakable Chain is that it's not exactly a "game" in the sense you may be used to. You take control of all the characters, but at the same time, nothing that happens is in your control. All you can really do in this game is delay, or speed up, the inevitable. But (without flat-out giving away all the thematic elements), there are excellent reasons for this. As the creator said, "Why don't I play WITH the game, or just sit back and see what happens?"
Though you might reach an "end" to the game within just a few minutes, you can start right back from the beginning and do it again, and you probably will. Maybe this time you'll eat this instead, or try to avoid that longer. Just like with a painting, or a comic, some might be content with one glance and moving on, but you have to spend a lot longer looking at it to have the full experience.
The soundtrack is excellent as well. Despite not using any actual animal sounds, each BGM perfectly fits the feel of the stage to which it's set. And it's honestly a treat just to sit at the title screen listening to the theme tune. I definitely recommend springing for the deluxe version if the music you hear in the trailer strikes your fancy at all!
Technically, the game functions near-flawlessly from what I can tell. Controls are intuitive and always work properly and levels flow into one another fairly seamlessly. If you spend long enough on a level for the music to loop, there is a bit of a pause, but this is a forgivable issue.
All in all, The Unbreakable Chain may not give you a high score table to fill in, or a dozen alternate endings, or a kill meter, but it's an endearing, intriguing artistic experience that you really have to see yourself to understand.

got suck in plant

It is okay but need more diversity like if the meteor lands on different planets it has different creatures. The art and animations need refining and you need to be able to do more with each creature.


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