The Skies of Echelon!! Sneak Peek of a New Game I'm working on for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. Welcome to the world of Echelon. A peaceful place where a race of people trade in the skies above. Everyday cargo is delivered from around the world in order for the Echelonians to live and work. Your first adventure is to arrive at Eche - a city near the coastal region. You will be the commanders first apprentice who has decided to mentor you on this journey. You will need to gather your skills and take control of the airships and planes. You will need to deliver the cargo to the bases so that the Echelonians can continue their daily lives. With 36 levels of action and 6 zones of gameplay, you will need to be ready to take control and deliver cargo! ** Game features different types of airships and watch out for the faster more agile planes. ** And there will be an extra surprise too in the form of pirate airships who are out to steal the cargo from you.

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This is one of the first levels in the Skies of Echelon game. The aim of the game is to direct the airships, blimps or planes to the available bases. You need to reach the level target to progress and collect stars.

The level and game is work in progress and is subject to change. But to give you the viewer an idea of the game and how to play.

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