A short abstract adventure game from the developer of To the Moon, about your house and a birdy who's about to fly over it. [If the game doesn't go full screen automatically, please press Alt+Enter to do so. Windowed mode might cause some lag when using mouse.] This isn't a horror game, and nothing will jump out at you.

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I have no clue what I just played, but I think I liked it.

This would definitely be something cool to talk about with friends and get their opinions.

Great game, going to recommend to friends.

Great game! Simple mechanics and interesting puzzles. Plus a story that will make you question, "what the hell just happened?" Certainly A+ material.

A very interesting project!!! The atmosphere is wonderful and the story is short but intense. Also music plays an important role in the experience. All the aspects of the game are well planned and the work doesn't present defects. This is a... PERFECT EXPERIMENT!!! Good work!

this game is so good have puzzles is cool but what happened with her?

The ending is bad and the game have a lot of bugs D<

really unique ... just play it and see yourself

really good but short

slow moving game not worth a download that took longer then the actual game. not really even a game i could see if it was like a part one of something but not the full game or an unfinished MOD but come on free bird games you can do sooooo much better.

Lovely little game that will leave you wondering even after you have finished it. The little bonus after you finish the game once doesn't hurt either :D

that explanation won it for me XDDDD

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