The Haunted: Hells Reach is the standalone advancement of the Make Something Unreal Contest winner and highly acclaimed UT3 mod. The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson action horror game that focuses on delivering an intense multiplayer experience. Your goal is to liberate cursed places and survive the assault from the minions of hell. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop-survival, demons vs. humans and demonizer. The Unreal Engine 3 powered graphics lay a perfect tone for the gameplay.

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very under rated game and an awesome one at that more people should by this when its on sale its a really good game

Awesome! (/O o O)/ One of the best UT3 Mods Ever.

Best 4 dollars i have ever spent on a game! All thanks to steam autum sale!! :)

Awesome game. It reminds me Doom 2, because its drive and lot of meat. I think, game needs class system like in Battlefield or Killing Floor.


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