NOTE: This includes Chapters 1-3 of a 5 part series. The Dream Machine is an award-winning point and click adventure game made out of hand-crafted environments, props and characters made out of clay and cardboard. In Chapter 1, play as Victor Neff, the husband in a young couple who've just moved into a new apartment. While trying to get settled in you discover that all is not as it seems in the quiet, unassuming apartment building... In Chapter 2, Victor goes to confront the landlord, Mr. Morton, only to find his apartment empty. Can Victor find the elusive landlord in time and is there more to Mr. Morton than meets the eye? In Chapter 3 of The Dream Machine, Victor enters the dream of his sleeping wife in an effort to shut down the mysterious dream machine, only to find himself on board a leisure cruise ship manned by multiple copies of himself.

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I absolutely love this game. I have been recommending this game and often using it as an example of how to create modern-aged adventure games. In fact, every time a new chapter comes out, I make it known that it is a big deal.

I am extremely proud of the hard work that has been put into this game, not only with story, but with the clay animations. As an artist, it's exceptionally time consuming and often times difficult to replicate all the moods, settings, and appropriate scenarios that is called for when making this game. In my personal opinion, this game is a cohesive art piece that every video gamer should be inspired by.

Keep up the amazing work.


Absolutely beautiful game. Doesn't feel like some random point and click game where you just try to click everything on the screen in some random order hoping it's right - actions in this game are very plot driven, and logical unlike many others (you still have to try to find some small things, but it's manageable without making you wish there was a magnifying function). Atmosphere is very well done, and I find the clay made characters and environments very endearing. The character you're playing is just a normal guy, and all the people you'll meet are very believable too. Can't wait for the next chapters!


This game is solid. I can't wait for chapters 4 and 5. The artwork is obviously beautiful, and the sound work lends more atmosphere to the game. The game has its own soul, and most games don't, even including indie titles. The puzzles are usually clever and have just the right amount of difficulty - not too little, like some modern adventures, but not the same teeth-gnashing difficulty and/or absurdity of, for example, old Sierra titles. I really think they should make an iPad version - not for me, but for their own financial benefit. It's a beautiful game that even non-gamers wouldn't flinch to see, and touch controls would be perfect for it.


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