No way in, but one way out, if there is a way out but not in are you really in the cube in the first place ? or are out all ready out ?

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Here it is, a small Pre Alpha look at the game. This is not much but soon a full trailer is coming your way till then here is the Alpha Trailer for The Cube.

The Cube, if there is a way out but no way in, are you really in the cube in the first place or are you already out?

The Story :
Your in a place like no other, in a room you have never seen, with some cloths you have never put on... looking around for away out of this room you seem to be in, before stumbling on a button what moves the wall and finds a mine you enter hopping to see the day of light, but an evil is keeping in theses wall you are you in and won't let you out, you must fight because there is no way in... but one way out of this cube.

What is this game :
The Cube, is a puzzle, horror, sci fi and mystery game i'm working on, I'm trying to make this game feel like no other. The idea for this game is to take puzzle games to the next level (this game is in VERY early development right now and there is not much to show)

©2013 Andrew Salfinger

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