Community Created Freeware Space Combat Simulator Based on the Babylon 5 Universe created by J. Michael Straczynski using the Standalone FreeSpace Open-Source Engine.

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VERTi60 Author

This is the newest version of the movie. Hope you enjoy, it's worth watching to the very end!

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nice video

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wow, that was really great, thaks for sharing this!

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Cool video am going to download this when I am able to go to the coffee shop next :)

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Raider Wars is a dedicated official campaign for The Babylon Project's final release. You can play this campaign once you've downloaded the final release of TBP. Note that your experience from watching this video may differ from actually playing the campaign. This video will show only few moments from the entire campaign. Therefore, the story and campaign missions have been edited for this purpose to show the best of it. Parts from the show "Babylon 5" are not included in this campaign and are copyrighted by their respective owners. They were used for this movie to show more of the Babylon 5 universe with no copyright violation intended.


It's year 2258. Raider infestation in Altair system has become intolerable. Each one of their raids is putting all involved civilian lives at risk and bussiness freighters end up looted leaving only dead crews. President Santiago orders a task force to take out the raider threat in the Altair system for once at for all.

The task force consisting of EAS Hermes (EA Omega Destroyer), EAS Morpheus (EA Midwinter Cruiser), EAS Scyla (EA Hyperion Cruiser) and EAS Gibraltar (EA Olymus Corvette) have been assigned to each of their area of space with frequent Raider activity.

It seems that Raiders have taken extraordinery means to hinder the EA task force to block their raider activities in Altair. First, an unprovoked attack on EAS Scyla, leading to her own destruction and killing over 300 hands on the board, along with Captain Tennison.

If it wasn't enough, the Altair ring station has experienced more deaths, this time on the board of the station, leaving no one alive from the internal-affair investigation team. The series of bizzare deaths lead to a theory that there is a mole on the Altair station which was responsible for all the trouble occured. EAS Hermes is called to help the station to prevent the incoming disaster.

The psychotic telepath known as Eris is also aiding Raiders, making things a little more difficult.

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