The Ancients is a game set on Earth. In 200BC. The Roman Republic is slowly taking the mediterranean by storm, the second of the punic wars has just ended, yet the war against Macedon has just begun - and this is just in Italy. Travel and explore the land and peoples, from the Lusitanians of the Iberian Peninsula to the ancient Ainu of Japan.

Insulae (Apartment-housing) (view original)

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Insulae are the basic form of housing. Not only that, but they also support the house-user to own a shop in the floor below (Optionally).

In a city, the players will need to support the economy by paying taxes. Insulae allow for those who don't play often, don't bring much income, and so forth, to pay very little whilst still having a home!

In this image, the Insulae is shown on the shop floor, as to how it *may* look in-game (Please note: I quickly knocked up the crates, shelving and counter for showing purposes, and may not be in the game as they presently appear!)