The year is 1891 and the triumph of alternating current has sent Edison into a violent rage. It is up to you, playing as Nikola Tesla, to defeat an army of DC-powered robots and prove that you are the true greatest man of science! Wield the powers of lightning, levitation, rain, sun, and snow to solve physics puzzles and put a stop to Edison's destruction.

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<3 :D

this game is flat out AMAZING. lightning! telekinesis! rain! sun! heart?!
while there may be no heart power specifically, this game certainly provides it. good show!


The real game is mor efun then looking at the video.
The powers of the main character are infinite:
You have lightning, but can't always use them, necause lighting needs
hit a target from above, you can't if it's in a cave.

The next power you can get is levitation, can be used to solve
different kind of puzzle.

Nice Game.

Fantastic game. Simply brilliant!


29 awesome stages with a difficult last boss battle. Was really fun :)

This game is boss nuff said


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