SUPERHOT is the first person shooter where time moves only when you move. With its mesmerising gameplay and unique, stylized graphics SUPERHOT aims to finally add something new and disruptive to the FPS genre.

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You'll see I've played like 2.5 hours, but I was afking for like an hour while the game was opened so total gameplay time is like 1.5-2 hours. So in two hours - I completed the game - half of that time I was reading text messages and watching lame cut-scenes, half of that time was the actual gameplay; I played some challenges - which are mostly same exact levels you played in the campaign; and played an endless mode - which is boring af - you just have to kill like 50 people in one room to unlock next one; and I played some mini games that could be found in the menu. All of this took 2 hours. FOR THIS PRICE? Seriously?

+Visuals - visuals are nice, well this game called superhot because your enemies are superhot crystal buddies, bullets looks dull, but they are big enough so you can see them good to dodge, well then.
+Gameplay - by the time you explore all 5! kind of weapons you already beat half of the game, well if you want to stick to some weapon and have some fun there is infinite mod or challenges, but most of the kills look alike and 5 weapons... well then. Stop-motion like moving is kind of innovative feature, you even speed up time slowly when you look around without moving, guess because you would turn your head IRL, that's nice.
-You have achievements to keep yourself busy but they are nothing but grind like kill 2000 guys or kill 3 guys with one shot, It's not something you'll achieve having fun in the game, this is a just boring grind.
-Annoying self-promotion of the game through the whole game from the beginning till the end, basically there is no plot in the game, half of the time you are just brainwashed how cool this game is and you have to advertise this game among your friends, this is so god damn annoying, seriously. You pay a sh`tload of money for something that looks like demo or beta version of the game (oh no you don't understand our simple concept) that constantly advertises itself through the game. What the hell.

TL;DR - this game is short and at the same time you getting bored by the end of this SUPERSHORT game (good alternative name). For such a price you should never buy this game, maybe 80% discount would do.

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Seems like a way to go out of the house and have fun at a place where you can enjoy a video game in the same time

Am all for this

It was buggy at launch, but with patches they managed to iron all those out and now it's a joy to play and rarely has issues. I've been playing this for months and I'm still not bored. The graphics are nice stylistically yet the game can play on a potato at a reasonable framerate thanks to the low-poly models and few textures. The sound is to-the-point and tells you everything you need to know while you're behind cover. The only downside is the storyline - think Pony Island without any of the creativity. But that doesn't matter, because once you've breezed through the 2-hour campaign, you can forget all about it and just play the assortment of challenges and endless modes without any nonsense getting in the way.

Neat minigame but you might expect a bit more diversity in gameplay of a title that is 15 bucks. Though it may be worth it if you are looking for one of the most unique shooter games.

The game has good quality in it however campaign is kinda short...

Unique, original and mesmerizing take on the fps genre. A game that is more than just a gimmick is always welcome.


what even is this

amazing game!


22.99€? How about no?

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