STINGOUT is designed as an arcade shooter in the sci-fi theme. The Player controls a gun which is mounted on a rail system using touch-pads. From the nuclei, positioned by the enemy, a shapeless and viscous liquid mass spreads out and can be beaten back only by force of arms. When touched, the mass releases electric shocks which increasingly damage the gun, destroying it in the worst case. The player must dam the spread of the mass by bombardment whilst avoiding contact with the mass. On the rail system, temporary bonuses and Mali systems appear. Bonus items support the player, while Malus items should be avoided if at all possible in order to prevent short-term disturbances of the weapon or the impulse systems. Firing is literally done from all barrels! The player is able to select between cannons and rocket launchers, according to availability and depending on which weapon is more to their particular advantage.

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After polishing so many things within the last months we finally started the beta invite to test the core features by a wider audience! We integrated TestFlight to manage and track the invites, devices, crashes and passed checkpoints.

I captured some sequences of the current gameplay and edited a new trailer to demonstrate what we have accomplished. Improved visuals, more sound effects, enhanced physics, exchanged sprites, Retina support for iPad…etc. The first people just joined us via and you are also welcome to do so. :-)

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