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Oct 6 2011 Anchor

Do you like Astronomy? Maths? And if we are blessed, even coding?
Then we have a little project we'd like some help on...

What we want is a map generation algorithm that generates a random map for the entire milky way galaxy and the minor galaxies orbiting it. We want this map to be more or less accurate, to the best of the present scientific knowledge. So, we need someone to take a catalogue of the milky way galaxy and find a way to randomly generate something very much alike in both shape and composition. This means the algorithm needs to place every star, planet, moon, asteroid, comet, nebula, pulsar, black hole, and whatever else makes up a galaxy. And add realistic movement speeds to all. Not discounting the plethora of different types when it come to stars, planets, and such; this too needs to be generated.

And if you want us to love you till you die, all of this is done from no more than 1 number (an index number that's also a random seed) per star, nebula or other object that's visible outside of a solar system. i.e. the planets and other stuff in orbit around a star need to be generated the moment the star is visited, not before.

Interested? drop a reply.

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