Sonic the Hedgehog 3D is a free fan game about a famous SEGA mascot, Sonic, and it is made on Build Engine with additional EDuke 32 port. The game was inspired by two classic Sonic series: Mega Drive/Genesis and Sonic Adventure series.

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it's just the fact that you have 4 characters with their own abilities and full 3d inviroments, models and the gameplay is addicting and i have beaten it, gotten all chaos emeralds, beaten all stages twice with every character. my only problem with the game is that is pretty short because well so far it is only a v 0.3 but so far so good


Needs a quick fix.


The free game is a perfect 10. It certainly plays like Sonic, and I love the old Sonic and this version.
What is not perfect is the engine, the graphics do not need to swallow up all those resources, but this is what it is and not part of the equation.


Fun, great gameplay, and good graphics. A great re-imagining of the original.

This is the best fan game I've had ever played !
So, if you're looking for a Sonic game for PC. THIS IS A MUST HAVE !

Very cool!


WOW, this game is fantastic, you must play it! Its so addicting.


A Very excellent sonic game, purely about platforming, different challenges, better than what sega has pulled out these days .


Sonic has many followers, and thus has many fangames, some good quality (like this), recalling the classic Sega good times.


I like Sonic games!!! More interesting and exciting game I have never met. Would love to see a sequel. I hope the authors did not abandon the project.

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