Go through time and space revisiting beloved levels from Sonic the Hedgehog all the way to Sonic Colors remastered in stunning HD graphics as either Modern Sonic or Classic Sonic to defeat the evil machinations of the Time Eater and save the world once again!

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Its pretty darned fun, and the modding is making a good headway, specialy with all the fans putting in the time and effort to make the tools from scratch, thanks to all who are helping contribute, and Dario FF specificly


One of the most finely engineered sonic titles ever released. It is refreshingly bug free (for a sonic game), and it is meticulously designed. Fun from beginning to end.


Ce jeu revisite les différentes époque du hérisson bleu Sonic, avec Green Hill (Sonic 1), Chemicale Plants (Sonic 2), Sky Sanctuary (Sonic 3 & Knukles), Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure), City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2), Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes), Crisis City (Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)), Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed) et Planet Wisp(Sonic Colors). On y retrouve aussi des boss bien connu avec Metal Sonic (Sonic CD), Death Egg Robot (Sonic 2), Shadow (Sonic Adventure 2), Perfect Chaos(Sonic Adventure), Silver (Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)), Egg Dragoon(sonic Unleashed) suivi de Time Eater, le boss finale de Sonic Generation. On y retrouve aussi les amis de Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knukles, Cream, Rouge, Espio, Blaze, Vector et Charmy.

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This game is just awesome. Awesome gameplay, awesome graphics, and the throwback to the classic gameplay is a great thing, expecially for those Sonic fans that like the old design more than the modern one.

Just love this game

Great work as some others said great for modding and i hope more people vote this game top :) i was formerlly a sonic fan but recently i have been more and more interested and this game was definitely worth the time


This is one of my favorite Sonic Games! Next to SA2 it the best! The game is short... I agree with that. However, with mods, it extends it much longer. I love the levels in the game. They did a great job on Classic City Escape. My favorite stage is Modern Sky Sanctuary. The music is the best. the remix for Classic City Escape with a twist from Endless Mine is great. I give this game 10 out of 10!


This game is just amazing on every aspect, specially the Classic and the OST. Mods also make it much better.


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Fantastic, but way too easy. I was especially disappointed with Perfect Chaos.


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