This game is 100% free to download and play. Your plane loses control and crashes in the middle of some woods. It is nighttime and you have no idea where you are. You search your pockets and the only thing you find is a flashlight. You notice a few papers scattered around the woods and decide to investigate. Maybe these papers will have clues to help you escape? Before your sanity is totally depleted, you must find all the papers. If you see something that is uneasy on the eyes - whatever you do - don't stare at it! You don't want to lose your sanity and be at the mercy of the creature of the night. This is a traditional style Slender Man game in a new location. The fog and rain adds to the tension and suspense of the game

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This game has many cool and different things in it but slender isnt really a threat, thats what was the worst part of the game i only saw him a few times.


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