Hello everyone, my name is Logan! I'm here to tell you that Slender is now on Desura! -OBJECTIVE- The Game is simple, collect all 8 pages while escaping the Slenderman. WARNING: I'm just supporting, i'm not the creator.

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Mar 22nd, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Is a good imitation of SCP 087 but, you can't save, the sound of Slender are continuos and is very boring to play.

guitargodd97 says
1 guitargodd97

Jul 26th, 2013

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murdererkatil says
2 murdererkatil

Feb 7th, 2013

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EG-Games says
1 EG-Games

Nov 13th, 2012

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DarknessDudeTOB says
1 DarknessDudeTOB

Nov 3rd, 2012

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Dune_Jumper says
1 Dune_Jumper

Nov 2nd, 2012

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AudioGhostX says
1 AudioGhostX

Oct 31st, 2012

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tankdestroyer234 says
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Oct 27th, 2012

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Groku says
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Oct 26th, 2012

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adfjkndjklnhdfs says
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Oct 26th, 2012

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