In this epic RPG, the player takes control of David, a simple hero on a quest to save his beloved, and defeat the tyrant, Silver. But in order to succeed the player will need to recruit allies, master swordplay, learn the art of magic, and venture through hostile worlds teeming with Silver's corrupt followers.

Review RSS Feed Bentraxx says
10 Bentraxx

Mar 19th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

classic Game!

Schopenhauer says
10 Schopenhauer

May 3rd, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Such a shame there is no game like Silver nowadays...

stampp says
9 stampp

Aug 21st, 2012

No review provided

Killatomate says
6 Killatomate

Apr 1st, 2011

No review provided

mxtomek says
9 mxtomek

Feb 24th, 2011

No review provided

Babeuf97 says
10 Babeuf97

Jan 27th, 2011

No review provided

RunningJack says
10 RunningJack

Dec 13th, 2010

No review provided

fightermedic says
9 fightermedic

Dec 11th, 2010

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hulk0 says
10 hulk0

May 23rd, 2010

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snkii says
10 snkii

Feb 14th, 2010

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