Silent Hill Collier set in the cursed town of Silent Hill. A collier named Adam Barker is trapped by the darkness created from echoes and an unknown religious organization called The Order. He embarks on an attempt to survive and reestablish the faith told to stop his nightmares.

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Details about the story of Silent Hill Collier, characters, mechanics and a view in the future of multiplayer.

Posted by TeamCollier on Aug 22nd, 2014

The Silent Hill saga is one of the greatest survival horrors experiences in gaming history. Starting from the first Silent Hill title, "Silent Hill", developed by Team Silent in 1999 and distributed by Konami, and go on in the present.

The community behind Silent Hill is one of the biggest and demanding in the survival horror world. Some titles like the last Silent Hill games are not good at we expected, even if they're very good entries in the saga.

Maybe examples like Homecoming, trying to emulate successful titles before him, implementing so much fanservice to the series, like Nurses, Pyramid Head and alusions to Silent Hill movie. They're good entries on the franchise but they're mistaking Silent Hill. Every title must be unique in certain aspects and not try to emulate or copy/paste the old times.

But like us, a team of Silent Hill fans, we respect the opinion of all fans, and we're not saying titles like that are bad at all.

So we decided to make a fresh game based on Silent Hill universe without make a complex entry on the saga. Simply settled in the same universe, but with another philosophy and gameplay terms, always respectful with Silent Hill symbology and universe. No more basis on old titles of the saga, no more characters except monsters like Schims or probably Nurses, but in our own way or vision, totally a new experiencie of Silent Hill.

We cannot say this will be a pure survival horror game, or an action game, or an RPG title. Is a concept of mixed ideas merged in terms of what we think is Silent Hill and put together to make a unique fan game dedicated to all lovers of this great game. Also we're not trying to please all types of fans. There are fans what think Silent Hill 2 is the best title, others will think Silent Hill 4 is a masterpiece... We simply try to appeal much as possible we think is Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Collier story set in a certain point of chronology we can't say yet. A collier named Adam Barker is working in the old mine of Silent Hill with his little sister named Natasha Barker and his wife Susana Fernandez. They're living a peaceful life in the residential zone of north Silent Hill. All his family are devoted members of the religious/protestant group of the town, called The Order.

Like his father, Abraham Barker, Adam follow the methods of his members and work for their own purpose. They're in something greater than Adam can imagine, so he try to escape with his sister and wife out of Silent Hill. Until one night that somethings wrong happened in the old mine. All his partners died in a fire that consumes the major part of the town. Sirens start to sound and then it's all darkness.

Adam wakes before this event, lose in an old church in Silent Hill, trying to figure out what happened to him. A letter in his suit from The Order yells to Adam that they've his wife and sister with them until he completes his sacred mission on the town, purify all of them and finish off the Nightmare of Alessa Gillespie.

Alessa is haunting Adam with his Nightmare to finish The Order plans to take her and break the seal of Metatron, to make God rule in The Paradise. Adam must decide to follow his faith, help The Order and complete his sacred mission or follow Alessa Gillespie hints around the town to discover the truth under The Order and the fire years ago.

Characters in Silent Hill are an important point of the plot. In Silent Hill we'll encounter major characters like Adam's little sister, Natasha or his own wife, Susana. But also we'll see secondary characters that will offer us more details about the story, the plot or even hints. Characters are not only a medium to know more about Adam or the town, they'll sometimes offer to the player some precious objects or hints.

These characters will be dispersed in all the town. So in example. When we reach Alchemilla Hospital, in the reception we'll talk to a character named Francisco Serrano, that will help us to search one fragment of seal of Metatron that hides on this location, and also will offer us resources to continue our adventure. This is probably one important character and one of the most easy to talk to. They're sometimes in hidden places or in order to unlock them, carry some object in our inventory.

Enemies are too a basis of the game. Every of them are unique in symbology and how they hunt you. Sometimes enemies will run from us, or sometimes will hunt us in the shadows, they behaviour depends of what we're confronting.

The design of the enemies of Silent Hill Collier is based on concept arts of Deviantart artist JFlaxman and a fan working with us to represent the macabre mind of Alessa and the worst Adam nightmares.

Example of Punishutter. One of the creatures of Silent Hill Collier.

The Symbology behind Silent Hill Collier is based in majority on The Order of Silent Hill. But there are some details and strokes totally news. The main is The Order, Metatron, God and Alessa, saw in previous entries. But new details in mythology like the fire of Silent Hill, the story of the Orphans, the old mine legends or even the story of certain characters is fused with this common and familiar myths to create a complex and detailed symbology that only can be unveiled talking with all characters, searching for information in the town, notes, representations and interpretations of the player psychology.

Silent Hill Collier pretends to be very inmersive on this point. More than tell an story to the player, the players must discover piece by piece the story behind all and connect this points, and with this ingredients, create the interpretation in their own minds, making the story of Silent Hill Collier unique for each player.

Of course, there'll be common points and things that is part of the own story of Silent Hill Collier with no place for interpretation, but we want to mantain the mystery and the unknown to the players.

Mechanics of Silent Hill Collier is probably the most singular feature of the game mentioned until now. The typical Silent Hill mechanics are a survival horror with exploration but linear path. A control less oriented on combat and more on exploration and puzzle resolution. With Silent Hill Collier, we're staying true to the mechanics of Silent Hill but with big changes. Most importantly, in the RPG component.

The combat of Silent Hill Collier continues slow paced action but now we've the possibility of upgrade certain weapons and carry certain objects and use them like weapons. Upgrading weapons is not equal to overpowered main character. The resources in Silent Hill Collier are very limited, and we must explore the town in order to take more ammo, objects or items that able us to continue.

Exploration is very important in the combat and the combat is very important on exploration. Everything is in balance and combat doesn't eclipse exploration and vicerversa. Without exploration we cannot upgrade weapons and find ammo, so the game will be punish on the aspect of enemies encounters. We can run and hide, but we can't survive much long without resources. It's not an arficial sense of exploration or obligation to the player to explore in order to confront enemies. Is simply: you can hide, you can run, but sooner or later, the enemy will find you and hunt you. So if you don't want to be the hunted, be the hunter, search for resources and survive in the streets of Silent Hill.

This goes very well too with the large town in Silent Hill Collier. And is that North Silent Hill is completely free to explore at any time. Every location, every zone, every corner of the town is opened at beginning, but the player decides when we go to that and how we do it. Certain zones are more difficult at the start, so if we go to that zones without resources or upgrades, we'll probably die or be lost.

The exploration is fundamental to survive. The combat is great for inevitable confrontations. Run and hide is our best choice if we can't fight or we want to avoid innecesary encounters. Another mechanic of Silent Hill Collier are the Otherworld transitions.

In past Silent Hill entries, the Otherworld appears in some zones of the game like the alternative version of certain scenarios. Silent Hill Collier changes that and the Otherworld will be the worst nightmare of players. When the time of Darkness reach Silent Hill, we'll be warned by the sound. When this occurs, players will have to search inmediately, refugee or be inside a bulding if we want to survive. This transitions are in real time and it's like the cycle of time of Silent Hill.

Enemies goes strong and more numerous. New paths are opened. And the darkness will engulf totally Silent Hill. So we're alone. Without help. Otherworld will be extremely dangerous but in the same time rewarding. Some paths we cannot see in the Fog World are now visible, and even doors or zones that are locked, will be opened. So in certain places we can find objects, hidden hints or special items that cannot be found in Fog World. So if we want certain object, the risk is yours to take it.

In another hand, players will have one more mechanic to confront all this darkness. The called Sacred Zones.

Sacred Zones are certain areas of the town that give the player the option to save the game, restore health and organize inventory. Also offers the option to exit the Otherworld and return to the Fog World. We can leave the time pass until Silent Hill returns to Fog World, but this offers the players a fast exit to the nightmare, but like all, it has price.

If we offer in Sacred Zones a object called "Snubrs" that are fragments of the souls burned in the fires of Silent Hill. This will take again to the Fog World.

In Silent Hill Collier we cannot save in another place except Sacred Zones. So if we get killed, we return to the last Sacred Zone visited.

Sacred Zones are very limited and good hidden in the town. So we must explore to find all of them. They're our most precious resource.

Finally we announce we're working on a multiplayer experience that respects the terms of what Silent Hill is.

This will not be a competitive multiplayer or nothing like that. We're thinking about something called Otherworld Calls. With Otherworld Calls we can invoke another players to our world, except when we are on Otherworld. The other player cannot interact with nothing except enemies or the player. So Otherworld Calls can be a double-edged sword, players invoked can be enemies and attack you in order to steal resources or can help you, in order to recieve or not resources.

The reward can be totally random at the end of the match so kill a player can be rewarding or less, but depends of what we're looking for.

The multiplayer is still a concept and is not been developed at this time, but we want opinions from fans from an open multiplayer beta that we'll release in 2015.

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rawpuppet Aug 23 2014 says:

THIS LOOKS AMACING! I wanna a thriller game, not another jump-scare-game.
Ands this looks like this :)

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TKAzA Staff
TKAzA Aug 23 2014 says:

Goodluck execution will be key, tracking!

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